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Netcfg command - Syntax, Switches, Options and Example

Netcfg command - Syntax, Switches, Options and Example Hot

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Use of Netcfg command:

Netcfg command Installs the Windows Pre-installation Environment (WinPE), a lightweight version of Windows used to deploy workstations.


Netcfg command Syntax:

netcfg [/v] [/e] [/winpe] [/l ] /c /i


Netcfg command Switches:

/v -> Run in verbose (detailed) mode

/e -> Use servicing environment variables during install and uninstall

/winpe -> Installs TCP/IP, NetBIOS and Microsoft Client for Windows preinstallation envrionment

/l -> Provides the location of INF

/c -> Provides the class of the component to be installed; protocol, Service, or client

/i -> Provides the component ID

/s -> Provides the type of components to show, ta = adapters, n = net components

/? -> Displays Help at the command prompt.


Netcfg command Example:

To install the MS_Server service, type:

netcfg /c s /i MS_Server




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