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How to Configuring Print services Deployment via Group Policies

How to Configuring Print services Deployment via Group Policies

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Group policies allow for centralized deployment of printers via Active Directory. Our approach involves deploying Direct IP printing to desktops to keep traffic local, while utilizing the Print Server for configuring the driver.

In this standard, printers are deployed via OU, Resource Group and IP range.

Service Prerequisites

The following contains service prerequisites for implementation of direct IP printing.

DNS: Ensure that a DNS entry exists for the network print device. Typically this is the ID Tag in the following manner ID#####

Printer Share: Ensure that the appropriate Print Device is shared on a print server, as per the configuration in this document, with the correct print device drivers,

Domain Local Group: Ensure that a domain local group is configured for each printer. These groups are used for targeted deployment of printers when required. Typical naming convention is Print_Deploy_ID#####

Group Policy: A group policy called Print_Deploy – Global Deployment has been created.


Adding Printers to the Group Policy:

To configure a new printer,

Step 1: In Administrator Tools, open the Group Policy Management Console application. Find the Print_Deploy – Global Deployment group policy, and click Edit.

Step 2: Under the Computer Configuration policy settings, expand Preferences and Control Panel Settings.

Step 3: Click on Printers dialog box, select New, Standard TCP/IP Printer.

Step 4: Complete the TCP/IP Printer Setup by using the information provided below.

* Action: Choose the action that you are looking for. By default we recommend using Update to Deploy a new printer.

* IP Address/ Port Name: You can choose to use an IP Address or the DNS name for the printer. Our recommendation is to use DNS name where possible, however some device drivers have been known to only work correctly with IP address.

* Local Name: The local name of the printer is ID#### - {Decription of Printer}. This will be how the printer is displayed to the user in their Print Control Panel.

* Printer Path: This is the location of the printer share. This is used by the policy to deploy the appropriate driver and print configuration settings.

* Location: The location description of the print device.

* Comment: Any additional comments for the printer.


Configuring Item-level targeting for the printer deployment.

Step 1: Under the Common tab for the printer

Step 2: Click on, Apply once and do not reapply. This will prevent the printer from being deployed multiple times to the same computer.

Step 3: Click on Item-level targeting. This will allow us to set the conditions for when the printer will be installed. 

Step 4: Click Targetting.


See the illustrations below:

* OU: Choose the organizational unit which houses the computers that you wish to deploy the printer to.

* Security Group: Choose the Print_Deploy_ID##### that reflects the installation group for the print device.

* IP Range: Choose the IP Range for the local subnet of the Printer. This can be used by staff who roam between locations and require printers to be setup.


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