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How to shutdown and restart Avamar grid

How to shutdown and restart Avamar grid

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Procedure to shutdown Avamar Grid


1. Log in to Avamar grid as Admin.


2. Run status.dpn command and look for last 3 lines of the output. It will show the status of checkpoint, Garbage collection and hfscheck status. Make sure that all these are not showing as in progress.


3. Run the command ‘dpnctl stop’ to stop all the Avamar services


4. Once the Avamar services are stopped, confirm the status with the ‘dpnctl status’ command.


5. From the Avamar utility node, run the following commands to shut down the Linux Operating system on all Avamar nodes


mapall –user=root –all ‘touch /fastboot’

mapall –user=root –all ‘halt’


After a few minutes the OS should be halted and all the Avamar nodes can be powered off.

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