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How to Shutdown or Reboot VMware ESXi server?

How to Shutdown or Reboot VMware ESXi server?

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How to Shutdown or Reboot VMware ESXi server?
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Sometimes it's required to shutdown VMware ESXi server for maintenance activity. Following procedure describes how to shutdown or reboot VMware ESXi hosts.


Option : 1 Shudown/Reboot VMware ESXi server from Direct Console User Interface (DCUI)

F12 to view the shutdown-related options for the ESXi host.

Press F2 to shut down.

Press F11 to reboot.


Option : 2  Shudown/Reboot VMware ESXi server from SSH putty session

Run the reboot command to restart the ESXi host.


Run the poweroff command to shut down the ESXi host.


Option : 3 From the vSphere Web Client

1. Put ESXi host into put maintenance mode. Right-click the host and click Enter Maintenance Mode. Click Yes to enter maintenance mode.

2. From the vSphere Web client, navigate to the host you want to shut down. Right-click the host and click Reboot or Shutdown.

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